What will Ezekiel Elliott's '24 return mean for NFL, Cowboys records?  

Ezekiel Elliott's return to the Dallas Cowboys in the '24 season is poised to have significant implications for both the NFL landscape and the Cowboys' record books.  

As one of the league's premier running backs, Elliott's presence on the field brings a dynamic element to the Cowboys' offense and has the potential to reshape the team's fortunes. 

First and foremost, Elliott's return bolsters the Cowboys' rushing attack, providing a reliable and explosive option out of the backfield. Throughout his career, Elliott has consistently been one of the NFL's top rushers, known for his vision, power, and ability to break tackles.  

His impact on the ground game not only opens up opportunities for the passing game but also helps control the tempo of the game and wear down opposing defenses. 

In terms of NFL records, Elliott's return puts him in a prime position to add to his already impressive resume. With each carry, Elliott inches closer to climbing the ranks of the NFL's all-time rushing leaders.  

He has consistently been among the league leaders in rushing yards and touchdowns since entering the NFL in 2016, and his return to the Cowboys provides him with another opportunity to solidify his place among the game's greats. 

Moreover, Elliott's presence on the field significantly improves the Cowboys' chances of competing for playoff berths and Super Bowl contention.  

As a key component of the Cowboys' offense, Elliott's ability to move the chains and find the end zone directly impacts the team's success on the scoreboard.  

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