Urías' progress and output while he was a member of the Dodgers' minor league organization.

Urías made his professional debut in the Dodgers' minor league system in 2013, starting in Rookie ball. Despite being just 16 years old, he immediately showcased his talent, posting impressive numbers and demonstrating advanced pitching abilities beyond his age. 

Urías quickly ascended through the Dodgers' minor league ranks due to his exceptional talent and performance. He progressed from Rookie ball to Single-A and then Double-A within a short span of time, showcasing his ability to adjust to higher levels of competition. 

Urías particularly excelled during his time in Double-A with the Tulsa Drillers. Despite facing more experienced hitters, he continued to impress with his poise, command, and electric stuff on the mound. His success in Double-A solidified his status as one of the Dodgers' top pitching prospects. 

Throughout his time in the minor leagues, Urías continued to refine and develop his pitching repertoire. He showcased a lively fastball, devastating breaking pitches, and a deceptive changeup, demonstrating the depth and effectiveness of his arsenal. 

As a young pitcher with immense potential, the Dodgers prioritized Urías' long-term development and durability. They carefully managed his workload, innings, and pitch counts to avoid overuse and prevent injury, ensuring his readiness for the challenges of the major leagues. 

Urías faced injury setbacks during his time in the minor leagues, including undergoing shoulder surgery in 2017 to repair a torn anterior capsule. Despite these challenges, he remained resilient and dedicated to his rehabilitation, ultimately returning stronger and more determined to succeed. 

Before making his permanent leap to the major leagues, Urías spent time with the Dodgers' Triple-A affiliate, the Oklahoma City Dodgers. He continued to excel at this level, honing his skills and demonstrating his readiness for the next step in his career.

Urías' development and success in the Dodgers' minor league system served as a crucial stepping stone to his eventual success in the major leagues. The experience gained, the lessons learned, and the challenges overcome during his time in the minors helped prepare him for the rigors of MLB competition and laid the foundation for his emergence as a key contributor for the Dodgers at the highest level. 

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