Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins Vows to Keep College Graduation Promise to His Mom.

DeAndre Hopkins, the star wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, recently made headlines by vowing to keep a heartfelt promise he made to his mother years ago: to earn his college degree.  

Despite achieving great success on the football field, Hopkins has always remained committed to fulfilling this pledge as a tribute to his mother's unwavering support and sacrifice throughout his life. 

Growing up in a challenging environment, Hopkins understood the importance of education and the opportunities it could provide.  

Despite the demands of his burgeoning football career, he made a solemn promise to his mother that he would prioritize his studies and eventually earn his degree. This pledge served as a driving force behind his determination and perseverance, both on and off the field. 

Despite the challenges and demands of his NFL career, Hopkins remained steadfast in his commitment to his education.  

He pursued his degree diligently, balancing his football responsibilities with his academic pursuits. His dedication and resilience were truly admirable, serving as an inspiration to his teammates and fans alike. 

As Hopkins neared the completion of his college coursework, he made the decision to publicly reaffirm his promise to his mother. 

In a heartfelt statement, he expressed his gratitude for her unwavering support and declared his intention to fulfill his commitment and walk across the stage to receive his diploma. 

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