This article is more than 9 years old Outlander: ‘Game Of Thrones helped open the door for us’

Reflecting on the impact of the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones," the creators and cast of "Outlander" have acknowledged the role it played in paving the way for their own success.  

In a recent interview, they credited "Game of Thrones" with helping to open doors for other epic fantasy dramas like "Outlander" to flourish in the television landscape. 

Game of Thrones," with its sprawling narrative, intricate world-building, and complex characters, captured the imagination of audiences worldwide and redefined the possibilities of what could be achieved in television storytelling.  

Its massive popularity and critical acclaim demonstrated that there was a hunger among viewers for high-quality, immersive dramas set in fantastical worlds. 

For "Outlander," which shares some thematic and tonal similarities with "Game of Thrones" but occupies its own unique niche within the genre, the success of its predecessor provided both inspiration and validation.  

As "Outlander" embarked on its own journey to bring Diana Gabaldon's beloved book series to the screen, it benefited from the groundwork laid by "Game of Thrones" in terms of audience expectations, production values, and storytelling ambition. 

Moreover, the success of "Game of Thrones" helped to create a receptive audience for "Outlander," priming viewers for another epic tale of romance, intrigue, and adventure set against a rich historical backdrop.  

With its blend of historical fiction, time travel, and romance, "Outlander" offered a fresh and compelling take on the genre, appealing to fans of "Game of Thrones" while also attracting its own dedicated fanbase. 

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