The part or project that Sasha Alexander played that catapulted her to stardom.

Sasha Alexander's breakthrough role that brought her widespread recognition was her portrayal of Special Agent Caitlin Todd in the hit television series "NCIS." Here's why this role was significant for her career 

Sasha Alexander joined the cast of "NCIS" as a main character in the show's first two seasons, portraying Special Agent Caitlin Todd. As a main cast member, Alexander had increased screen time and exposure, allowing her to showcase her acting abilities to a broad audience. 

NCIS" was already a popular and successful television series when Alexander joined the cast. As a spin-off of "JAG," "NCIS" had a built-in audience and was widely watched by viewers around the world.  

Alexander's role in the series exposed her to a large and diverse fan base, contributing to her widespread recognition. 

Special Agent Caitlin Todd was a well-written and multi-dimensional character, providing Alexander with the opportunity to explore different facets of her acting abilities.  

Todd was portrayed as a skilled and dedicated agent with a complex backstory, allowing Alexander to delve into the character's personal and professional struggles. 

 Sasha Alexander's departure from "NCIS" at the end of the show's second season was a significant moment in her career. While the circumstances of her departure were initially controversial, with Todd being killed off in a shocking twist, it served to further elevate Alexander's profile and generate buzz around her career.

Sasha Alexander's portrayal of Caitlin Todd garnered her a dedicated fan following, with viewers drawn to her character's intelligence, strength, and vulnerability. Even after her departure from the show, Alexander remained connected to her fans through social media and public appearances, maintaining her relevance and popularity within the "NCIS" community. 

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