The injuries Urías has faced, his recovery process, and the impact on his career. 

Left Shoulder Surgery (2017): Injury: In June 2017, Urías underwent left anterior capsule surgery to repair a tear in his pitching shoulder. The injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season and required an extensive rehabilitation process.

Recovery Process: Following surgery, Urías embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation program aimed at strengthening his shoulder and restoring range of motion. He worked closely with medical professionals and trainers to gradually progress through various stages of recovery.

Suspension and Elbow Surgery (2018): Injury: In May 2018, Urías was placed on administrative leave by MLB following an alleged domestic violence incident. He was later suspended for 20 games and underwent an evaluation by MLB's Joint Policy Board. Additionally, Urías experienced discomfort in his pitching elbow, leading to further evaluation and subsequent surgery to repair a loose body.

Recovery Process: Urías served his suspension and underwent arthroscopic surgery on his pitching elbow to address the issue. He followed a structured rehabilitation program to regain strength and flexibility in his elbow and gradually ramped up his throwing program under the guidance of medical staff.

Rehabilitation and Return to Form: Dedication to Recovery: Despite the setbacks, Urías remained dedicated to his rehabilitation and committed to returning to full health. He demonstrated resilience and determination in overcoming adversity and regaining his confidence on the mound.

Gradual Progress: Urías' recovery process involved gradual progressions in his throwing program, bullpen sessions, and simulated games before eventually returning to live game action. He focused on refining his mechanics and regaining command of his pitches while closely monitoring his workload to prevent setbacks.

Long-Term Outlook: Ongoing Maintenance and Care: Moving forward, Urías will need to prioritize maintenance and care of his arm to minimize the risk of future injuries. This may involve implementing specific conditioning and recovery protocols, as well as managing his workload effectively to prevent overuse.

Continued Development: Despite the setbacks, Urías remains a key part of the Dodgers' plans for the future. With his talent, determination, and resilience, he has the potential to overcome adversity and continue evolving as a pitcher, contributing to the success of the team for years to come.

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