The Impact of Wick's on the Action Film Genre.

John Wick has had a profound impact on the action movie genre, redefining the standard for choreography, cinematography, and storytelling within the genre.  

One of the most notable aspects of the franchise is its emphasis on practical, highly choreographed action sequences, which eschew shaky cam and quick cuts in favor of long takes that showcase the skills of the performers. 

In addition, the impact of John Wick is not limited to the action sequences that are included in the movie.   

Because of its world-building, which is characterized by detailed lore and a one-of-a-kind underworld society of assassins, other directors have been encouraged to engage in the development of sophisticated and immersive universes for their action films. This is because of the film's world-building.  

Additionally, John Wick's success has demonstrated that audiences crave more than just mindless action; they also desire compelling characters and engaging narratives.  

The depth of John Wick's character, coupled with his journey of redemption and vengeance, has resonated with viewers and elevated the franchise above mere popcorn entertainment. 

John Wick has revitalized Keanu Reeves' career and solidified his status as an action icon, inspiring a new generation of fans and filmmakers alike.  

Overall, John Wick's impact on the action movie genre is undeniable, setting a new standard for excellence and innovation that continues to influence filmmakers today. 

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