The character and motivations of John Wick have been developed throughout the series. 

A renown assassin who has left the violent life behind to lead a peaceful one is introduced in "John Wick" (2014). All he wants is to grieve over his wife and go on with his life.  

After John's wife becomes ill, he begins to grieve and his goals shift. But the puppy she gave him as a farewell, Daisy, offers him hope and serves as a final connection to his fallen love.  

As they break into John's house, steal his car, and murder Daisy, the Russian thugs inadvertently bring forth his assassin. After the tragic death of his cat Daisy—his only remaining connection to his late wife—John is seeking revenge.  

As events progress, John's goals change from exacting revenge to ensuring his own survival. In his fight for survival, he must face formidable foes and negotiate intricate webs of connections inside the criminal underworld he fled.  

John Wick is a vicious assassin who still has a code of honor. Justice, devotion, and duty drive him just as much as retribution. His actions are shaped by principles and rules, which makes him beloved even by those who oppose him.  

Throughout the series, John begs for mercy for his many transgressions and deaths. Heroism and selflessness help him overcome the demons of his assassination past and find forgiveness.  

As the story unfolds, John finds himself increasingly driven to defend the innocent and maintain justice. In the struggle for his own life and the lives of others entangled in the criminal underworld, he reluctantly assumes the role of hero.  

John Wick is an intricate character whose inner turmoil, sense of duty to his job, and desire for redemption all shape his actions. His journey of self-discovery, reformation, and atonement is chronicled in the series.  

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