The Bengals have Tee Higgins's undivided attention.

The Bengals have no contract with receiver Tee Higgins. His franchise tag rights have been squatted upon by the team. Higgins is looking for an agreement that will last for a long time. His request to be traded has been apparently made.  

The Bengals are a team he has shown a desire to remain with. During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, Higgins expressed his desire to continue playing for the Bengals (via James Rapien of  

Regarding the possibility of returning, Higgins expressed his desire to do so. Through these past four years, I have matured as a man. Acquired new friendships while developing as a player. Fantastic connections with Cincinnati residents outside of the stadium, especially among the fans. Therefore, I would most certainly enjoy being here. Unfortunately, if it isn't the case, then it isn't the case.  

Wednesday was the day the episode went live. The exact time of this recording is unknown. For instance, he mentions giving the Bengals his iPad. It is likely that this would have transpired towards the conclusion of the 2023 season.  

A long tradition of not committing franchise-tagged players to long-term contracts exists with the Bengals. In most cases, a player will be tagged for a year before being untagged.  

Higgins is free to forgo the entire preseason, training camp, and the offseason program. He has until a few days before the regular season begins to collect the entire sum of $21.8 million that was offered to him in his franchise tender.  

All that could go wrong is if the Bengals decide to back out of it. After the major money is distributed and the depth charts are set, Higgins would then become a free agent. Infrequent as it may be, it is certainly not impossible.  

Even though this is Higgins' contract year, others think he should still show up and prepare for a good season. Some may argue that it isn't necessary for him to do that. He has accomplished enough in his four years to be eligible for a lucrative deal when he becomes a free agency in March 2025.  

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