Skip Bayless squirms over Ezekiel Elliott's return to Cowboys and takes a shot at Jerry Jone

Skip Bayless, the outspoken sports commentator known for his provocative takes, didn't hold back when discussing Ezekiel Elliott's return to the Dallas Cowboys and taking a shot at team owner Jerry Jones.  

Bayless, never one to shy away from controversy, seized the opportunity to inject his trademark flair into the conversation surrounding Elliott's comeback. 

In a fiery segment on his show, Bayless delivered a scathing critique of Jones, suggesting that the Cowboys' prolonged struggles in recent years could be attributed, at least in part, to Jones' management style and decision-making. 

Bayless questioned Jones' role in Elliott's contract negotiations and speculated about the impact it may have had on the team's salary cap situation and ability to build a competitive roster. 

Furthermore, Bayless took aim at Jones' handling of the Cowboys' overall direction and decision-making process, implying that the team's failure to consistently contend for championships was a direct reflection of Jones' leadership.  

He pointed to the Cowboys' lack of playoff success in recent years and their inability to capitalize on the talent on their roster as evidence of Jones' mismanagement. 

As for Elliott's return, Bayless expressed cautious optimism but stopped short of fully endorsing the move. He suggested that while Elliott's presence on the field undoubtedly adds value to the Cowboys' offense, questions remain about his ability to recapture his previous form and justify his hefty contract. 

Overall, Bayless' comments served as a reminder of his willingness to challenge the status quo and hold those in positions of power accountable.  

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