Learn about "Outlander," including 18th-century Scotland and other eras.

Outlander" transports viewers to various historical settings, primarily focusing on 18th-century Scotland, but also delving into other time periods. Here's an exploration of the historical settings depicted in "Outlander 

The majority of "Outlander" is set in 18th-century Scotland, specifically during the Jacobite uprisings of the mid-1700s. The series vividly portrays the rugged landscapes, sprawling Highland estates, and vibrant cultural traditions of the Scottish Highlands during this tumultuous period in history. 

Viewers are immersed in the political intrigue, clan warfare, and social upheaval of the time, as characters navigate the complexities of life in a society on the brink of rebellion.

The Scottish Highlands serve as a backdrop for much of the action in "Outlander," with its majestic mountains, misty moors, and ancient castles providing a rich tapestry of scenery. The series captures the rugged beauty and untamed wilderness of the Highlands, transporting viewers to a world of rugged landscapes and timeless charm. 

"Outlander" explores the political and social upheaval of the Jacobite uprisings, a series of rebellions aimed at restoring the exiled Stuart monarchy to the British throne. The series depicts the tensions between Highland clans and the British Crown, as well as the personal sacrifices and moral dilemmas faced by those caught in the crossfire of conflict. 

While the majority of "Outlander" is set in 18th-century Scotland, the series also explores other time periods through its time travel element. Claire Randall's journey through time takes her to various historical settings, including 1940s Britain during World War II, where she begins her journey, as well as 20th-century America and France. 

The series provides glimpses into Claire's life as a World War II nurse in 1940s Britain, offering insight into the hardships and sacrifices endured by those on the home front during one of the darkest periods in modern history.  

Claire's experiences as a nurse during the war shape her character and inform her actions as she navigates the challenges of life in the past. 

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