John Wick's villains and antagonists in each film, including their motivations and conflicts

Viggo Tarasov (John Wick): – In the first film, Viggo Tarasov serves as the primary antagonist. He is a powerful Russian crime lord and former employer of John Wick. Viggo's conflict with John is sparked by the death of his son, Iosef, whom John kills in retaliation for stealing his car and killing his dog.

 Viggo's motivations stem from a desire to protect his criminal empire and seek revenge for his son's death. However, his underestimation of John's skills ultimately leads to his downfall.

Santino D'Antonio (John Wick: Chapter 2): – Santino D'Antonio is introduced as a member of the High Table, a powerful council that governs the criminal underworld. He calls upon John to fulfill a blood oath, demanding that he assassinate his sister, Gianna, in order to claim her seat at the High Table.

– Santino's motivations are driven by ambition and a desire for power, as well as a personal vendetta against his sister. He represents the corrupt and manipulative nature of the criminal hierarchy that John is forced to navigate.

Zero (John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum): – Zero is a skilled assassin and leader of a group of highly trained killers known as the Adjudicator's enforcers. He is tasked with hunting down John on behalf of the High Table after he is declared excommunicado.

– Zero's motivations are rooted in loyalty to the High Table and a desire to prove himself as the greatest assassin. Despite his formidable skills, he develops a mutual respect for John and engages in a climactic battle with him.

Winston and The Adjudicator (John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum): – Winston, the manager of the Continental Hotel in New York, and The Adjudicator, a representative of the High Table, serve as antagonists in the third film. They work together to enforce the rules of the criminal underworld and punish those who defy them.

– Winston's motivations are ambiguous, as he balances loyalty to the Continental with his own self-interest. The Adjudicator represents the uncompromising authority of the High Table, seeking to maintain order and punish those who disrupt the status quo.

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