Green's versatility, including his ability to play many positions and responsibilities.

Guarding All Five Positions: Green can effectively guard all five positions on the court, from point guards to centers. His combination of strength, quickness, and basketball IQ allows him to match up with a wide range of players, making him a valuable defensive asset.

Switchability: Green's ability to switch onto different players seamlessly is a cornerstone of the Warriors' defensive strategy. His lateral quickness and defensive awareness allow him to guard perimeter players, while his strength and timing enable him to hold his own against larger post players.

Point Forward Role: Green often acts as a point forward, handling the ball and initiating the offense. His playmaking ability allows him to run the offense, distribute the ball, and create opportunities for his teammates. Assists and Court Vision: Known for his exceptional court vision, Green regularly leads the team in assists. His ability to find open teammates and make precise passes is critical to the Warriors' ball movement and offensive fluidity.

Scoring Inside and Out: While not primarily known for his scoring, Green can score both inside and from the perimeter. He has a reliable mid-range shot and can occasionally hit three-pointers, keeping defenses honest. Screening and Cutting: Green is adept at setting screens and cutting to the basket, which creates space and scoring opportunities for his teammates. His understanding of spacing and timing enhances the team's offensive schemes.

Strong Rebounder: Green is a strong rebounder on both ends of the floor. His ability to grab defensive rebounds and start fast breaks with his outlet passes is a significant part of the Warriors' transition game. Offensive Rebounding: He also contributes on the offensive glass, securing second-chance points and keeping possessions alive.

High Basketball IQ: Green's understanding of the game is exceptional. He reads plays before they develop, makes smart decisions with the ball, and anticipates opponents' actions, which enhances his overall effectiveness.

High Motor: Green's relentless energy and intensity are contagious. He plays with a high motor, constantly hustling and making effort plays that boost the team's morale and performance. Emotional Leader: His emotional leadership and competitive spirit inspire his teammates and often give the Warriors a psychological edge over opponents.

Adapting to Different Roles: Over his career, Green has adapted to various roles depending on the team's needs. Whether it's being a primary playmaker, a defensive anchor, or a secondary scorer, he embraces whatever role is required.

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