Ezekiel Elliott's Influence on Fantasy Football Leagues.

Ezekiel Elliott, the dynamic running back for the Dallas Cowboys, has had a significant influence on fantasy football leagues since entering the NFL in 2016. His performance on the field has made him a top choice for fantasy football managers. Here are the key aspects of his influence: 

In his rookie season, Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards with 1,631 and scored 15 rushing touchdowns. His explosive debut made him an instant star in fantasy football, providing immense value for those who drafted him. 

Due to his impressive college career and potential in the NFL, Elliott was often a high draft pick in fantasy leagues right from his rookie season. His immediate success validated the high expectations and set the stage for his fantasy football legacy. 

Over the years, Elliott has consistently been one of the top-performing running backs in fantasy football. He has regularly finished among the top players in terms of fantasy points, especially in PPR (points per reception) leagues due to his dual-threat capability as a runner and receiver. 

In addition to his rushing prowess, Elliott is also a significant contributor in the passing game. His ability to catch passes out of the backfield adds extra value in fantasy leagues, particularly those that reward points for receptions (PPR leagues). 

Elliott is typically a first-round pick in fantasy drafts. His consistent production and high usage rate make him a cornerstone player around whom managers often build their teams. 

Elliott is often considered "matchup proof," meaning he is a must-start regardless of the opponent. His ability to perform well against strong defenses provides a level of security and confidence for fantasy managers. 

Ezekiel Elliott’s influence on fantasy football leagues is profound. His consistent high-level production, versatility, and reliability have made him a cornerstone player in fantasy drafts and a key asset for managers aiming for success. 

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