Ezekiel Elliott's Contract Extension and Expectations: 

Ezekiel Elliott's contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys in 2019 was one of the most significant deals in NFL history for a running back at the time.  

The extension, worth $90 million over six years with $50 million guaranteed, made Elliott one of the highest-paid players at his position and solidified his status as a cornerstone of the Cowboys' offense. 

With such a substantial investment in Elliott, the expectations placed on him by the Cowboys organization and fans alike were understandably high. 

The team anticipated that Elliott would continue to be a focal point of their offense and a catalyst for their success on the field.  

As one of the league's premier running backs, Elliott was expected to deliver consistent production as both a runner and a receiver, helping to move the chains, control the tempo of games, and contribute to the team's scoring efforts. 

Moreover, Elliott's contract extension signaled the Cowboys' commitment to building their offense around him and quarterback Dak Prescott. The team believed that Elliott's presence in the backfield would not only alleviate pressure on Prescott but also open up opportunities for the passing game by keeping defenses honest and balanced. 

In terms of individual expectations, Elliott was expected to continue to excel as one of the NFL's top running backs and compete for rushing titles and postseason accolades.  

His combination of speed, power, and agility made him a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses, and the Cowboys counted on him to be a difference-maker in crucial moments throughout the season. 

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