Examine Sasha Alexander's acting career and her most significant roles.   

In the late '90s, Sasha Alexander made her acting debut in guest spots on shows including "Wasteland" and "Presidio Med." She was able to get her foot in the door of the television industry with these supporting parts.  

Actress Gretchen Witter catapulted Alexander to stardom on the hit teen drama "Dawson's Creek." Her character, Pacey Witter, was the older sister of the show's protagonist, Dawson Leery, and she made an appearance in season four. She became known as a gifted television actor because to her part.  

Acting as Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd on "NCIS." boosted Sasha Alexander's career. Fans loved her NCIS investigator, a former Secret Service agent. Her performance in "NCIS" cemented her status as a compelling crime procedural actor.  

One of Alexander's most notable roles is Dr. Maura Isles in "Rizzoli & Isles". She played the smart and witty Chief Medical Examiner with Angie Harmon for seven seasons. Alexander's performance made the play popular and long-lasting.  

Besides television, Sasha Alexander has appeared in various films. Her notable performances include Lucy in "Yes Man" (2008) and Catherine in "He's Just Not That Into You" (2009). The roles showed her versatility and ability to switch between TV and movies.  

After "Rizzoli & Isles," Alexander had several important TV roles. She played Helene Runyon on "Shameless" and guest-starred in "Law & Order: SVU," displaying her acting range.  

Voice acting is another Sasha Alexander attempt. Her voice work in animated programs and video games expanded her range and showcased her talent in many entertainment forms.  

Alexander also works behind the camera. She directed "Rizzoli & Isles" and other productions to practice directing and producing. Her behind-the-scenes work showcases her narrative skills and passion.  

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