Dennis Rodman rebounded for pals late in the gym to monitor shot trajectory.  

Dennis Rodman, the legendary NBA rebounding machine, was known for his unorthodox training methods and relentless work ethic.  

Even in the twilight of his career or during his retirement, Rodman's commitment to perfecting his craft remained unwavering. One of the most fascinating aspects of his training regimen was his habit of rebounding for his friends late at night in the gym to monitor shot trajectory. 

Despite his retirement from professional basketball, Rodman's passion for the game never waned. He understood the importance of staying connected to the sport and maintaining his skills, even if it meant adopting unconventional training routines.  

Rebounding for his friends provided Rodman with an opportunity to stay active on the court while simultaneously honing his ability to anticipate shot trajectories. 

Rodman's keen eye for detail and unparalleled instinct for rebounding made him an invaluable asset to his friends during these late-night sessions.  

His presence in the gym not only elevated the intensity of the workouts but also provided invaluable insights and advice to aspiring players.  

Rodman's ability to read the trajectory of shots and position himself for rebounds was legendary, and his friends undoubtedly benefited from his expertise and guidance. 

Moreover, these late-night sessions were a testament to Rodman's enduring love for the game and his willingness to share his knowledge with others. 

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