Dallas Cowboys' Offseason Strategy:  

The Dallas Cowboys' offseason strategy typically revolves around addressing key areas of need, maximizing roster flexibility, and positioning the team for success in the upcoming season. 

Player Evaluation: The Cowboys' front office conducts a thorough evaluation of the team's roster, identifying areas of strength and weakness.  

Free Agency: The Cowboys actively participate in the free agency market to address areas of need and bolster the roster. 

They target impact players who can make immediate contributions and fill gaps in the lineup. Additionally, the Cowboys prioritize re-signing key players whose contracts are expiring to maintain continuity and stability. 

NFL Draft: The NFL Draft is a critical component of the Cowboys' offseason strategy, as they aim to add young talent and build for the future. 

The team conducts extensive scouting and evaluation to identify prospects who fit their system and can contribute to their success. The Cowboys prioritize drafting the best player available while also addressing positional needs. 

Contract Extensions: The Cowboys prioritize retaining their core players by negotiating contract extensions with key contributors.  

Coaching Staff: The Cowboys may make changes to their coaching staff during the offseason, including hiring new coaches or promoting from within.  

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