Dallas Cowboys' Mike Zimmer: "We've got to do it the way I want it done"

Mike Zimmer's 45-year coaching career has taken him back to Dallas for the upcoming season. He will be the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, a position he has previously held  

Zimmer has also served as the head coach of the Vikings and as a defensive assistant for a number of other teams. And he indicates that he is going to continue doing things in his own manner.  

Zimmer recognized that the Cowboys' defense does not require the significant makeover that he has been hired for on occasion  

nonetheless, he still wants the players to be aware that this is his defense and that there will be changes.  

"It's the same as what I did when I initially arrived here and told the defense. I mentioned that this is a different opportunity for me. On most occasions, the defense is not in good shape when I arrive. Do you know? According to ESPN, Zimmer stated that they are pretty dang very excellent  

Therefore, it is a little bit different for me because we need to progress some of the things that they were doing well and attempt to improve on the things that they weren't doing as well. However, for the most part, they have played pretty darn excellent, and we are going to make an effort to highlight that by possibly being a little bit more technique-oriented and possibly a little bit more disciplined.  

These are some of the things. At the end of the day, they have to be done in the manner that I want them to be done. I know that if you try to come in and do something that belongs to somebody else, things are not going to go very well.  

After serving as the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys for the past three years, Dan Quinn is now acting as the head coach of the Washington team. It is now time for Zimmer to be called upon to defend himself.  

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