Cowboys look to get over the 49ers hurdle that ended their last 2 seasons 

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare for their upcoming matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, there's a palpable sense of determination and urgency to overcome the hurdle that has ended their last two seasons. 

Facing the 49ers in the playoffs has become somewhat of a nemesis for the Cowboys, as they aim to break the cycle of disappointment and forge a new path to postseason success. 

The memories of their recent playoff exits at the hands of the 49ers loom large in the minds of Cowboys players, coaches, and fans alike.  

In both the 2019 and 2020 seasons, Dallas fell short in heart-wrenching fashion against San Francisco, with each defeat serving as a bitter reminder of what might have been.  

For a team with championship aspirations, the inability to overcome this formidable opponent has been a source of frustration and motivation to right the ship. 

As they gear up for their latest showdown with the 49ers, the Cowboys are laser-focused on exorcising the demons of the past and rewriting the narrative of their playoff woes.  

With a talented roster boasting playmakers on both sides of the ball, Dallas believes it has the firepower and resilience to finally get over the hump and emerge victorious against their longtime rival. 

Key to the Cowboys' success will be their ability to execute their game plan with precision and poise, minimizing mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities.  

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