Column: Julio Urías simply cannot be allowed to pitch again for the Dodgers 

The piece likely dives into Urías' recent performance, possibly a poor outing or a series of subpar games that have raised concerns about his effectiveness on the mound. 

The writer may suggest that Urías' struggles have become too significant to ignore and that his continued presence on the team's pitching staff could jeopardize their chances of success. 

Beyond his on-court exploits, Rodman's larger-than-life persona and off-court antics captivated fans and media alike. From his ever-changing hair colors to his high-profile relationships and headline-grabbing escapades, Rodman transcended the realm of sports to become a cultural icon. 

The column likely delves into various aspects of Urías' performance, including his statistics, pitching mechanics, and overall impact on the team's performance.  

It may highlight specific instances where Urías' pitching has led to unfavorable outcomes for the Dodgers, such as blown leads or costly losses in crucial games.  

The writer may also point to any underlying issues, such as injuries or inconsistencies in Urías' approach, that could be contributing to his decline in performance. 

Moreover, the column may discuss the potential consequences of allowing Urías to continue pitching for the Dodgers. The writer may argue that keeping him in the rotation or bullpen could harm the team's chances of making a deep playoff run or competing for a championship.  

They may suggest that the Dodgers need to make tough decisions to prioritize the team's success, even if it means making difficult personnel changes. 

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