Beginning with Adoration and Ending with Wick's Revenge.  

The catalyst for John Wick's rampage is deeply personal and emotionally charged, stemming from the loss of his wife and the brutal killing of his beloved puppy. 

After retiring from his life as an assassin to build a new existence with his wife, Helen, Wick finds solace and companionship in a puppy she gifts him shortly before her death. 

The connection that Wick has with his wife, as well as his newly discovered sense of optimism and pleasure, are all represented by this dog.   

However, when a group of Russian mobsters invade his home, steal his car, and mercilessly kill the innocent puppy, they shatter the last remnants of Wick's peaceful life.

The loss of his wife was a devastating blow, but the senseless murder of the puppy ignites an inferno of rage and vengeance within Wick.  

It represents an unforgivable violation of the one remaining piece of happiness he had left. 

Thus, Wick's rampage is not just about seeking revenge for a stolen car or a lost pet; it's about reclaiming his sense of justice, honor, and identity in a world that has betrayed him. 

A well-known assassin named John Wick claims that the tragic murder of his pet acts as the fuel that enables him to release all of his hatred and wrath toward the world.  

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